• Monitoring

    Listen in on the millions of online conversations about your organization or your competitors. Gain complete insights to set measurable goals for social media engagement.



    Wholly examine how the buzz propagated on social media affects your reputation and your organization. We provide actionable data that is based on individual client requirements.

  • Strategize

    Blueprints for online social engagement are custom-built, designed to meet your business and communication objectives. We help create a strategy that delivers tangible results.

  • Engage

    In all successful relationships, communication is key. We create a dialogue with your audiences, enliven interaction and develop campaigns to convert skeptics into advocates.



    Gauge the outcomes of your social media activities to establish what makes the strongest impact. We help rate performance in line with your KPIs and objectives.



Our expertise extends across industries, with a strong background in:



    The financial sector has been relatively more cautious in adopting social media. We help banks, insurance companies and investment banks devise compliant social media strategies to engage their customer bases. Especially in banking there are millions of daily conversations taking place across social media related to interest rates, loan processes, credit card rates, etc. all of which post a great opportunity for you to engage fans, answer their questions and correct misperceptions.

  • Hospitality


    If you're in the hospitality business then you know how much word of mouth affects your sales. In the UAE alone we estimate a total of 2,700 hotel reviews are posted online daily! Our research shows over 60% of internet users in the Middle East research products & services online before making a purchasing decision. Through social media you can quickly gain access to analysis of this valuable consumer feedback and take the necessary action - both online & offline. We help you focus on the most impactful comments you should focus on.



    Our research indicates over 38,000 conversations are taking place on a daily basis across the GCC solely related to telecom operators. This volume of data presents a great opportunity for telecom operators to gain valuable consumer insight about their own products and services as well as those of their competitor's. Our engagement teams work with telecom operators all over the region to develop winning strategies that drive fan engagement and increase positive sentiment towards their brands.



    Technology enthusiasts are often amongst the most influential users on social media. Millions of online conversations are taking place on a daily basis comparing features of mobiles, cameras, laptops, tablets, etc. We work with leading mobile brands, software service providers and other technology organizations in helping them understand how their brands are perceived and how to develop effective online advocacy programs. Social networks influence nearly 50% of all IT decision makers.



    Tens of thousands of conversations are taking place online on a daily basis related to buying or selling a home, facility management issues, safe neighborhoods, etc., Whether its an expat moving to a new city or a newly married couple looking for their first home, our teams are analyzing these conversations and distilling them so our clients can engage effectively where needed. Our engagement teams leverage customer feedback to develop content that truly resonates with your target audience.



    Research indicates 44% of automotive consumers conduct research on forums before making a purchase decision. There are thousands of conversations getting posted online on a daily basis comparing car options, features, fuel efficiency, dealer prices, engine performance, etc. Through analyzing user conversations we create highly engaging multimedia content appealing to the interests of your target audience.



    Increasingly customers are sharing their 'offline' retail experiences online - in some cases its to vent and in others its to praise. On the same basis, millions of women all over the world are sharing feedback about the latest makeups, shampoos, creams, etc. All this consumer feedback and insight has a direct impact on your sales, whether or not the next customer buys your or your competitor's product is largely influenced by what they read from other users online.

  • FMCGs


    FMCGs have typically been amongst the largest spenders of consumer research either through focus groups or surveys or other means. Whether you're selling shampoo or soap or baby diapers or chocolate, customers are more than likely already talking about your products online. We help you analyze this content, make sense of it, and use the derived consumer insight to build social content that is relevant to your customers. Did you know Facebook is the #1 online channel for influencing the purchase of baby products?



    We have a proven track record in detecting political trends as they develop online before they transcend offline. Social media analysis can give unparalleled insight into how your government or policies or laws are perceived by your stakeholders. We work with Prime Minister Offices, Royal Courts, and dozens of Ministries across the world. In addition to policy making government organizations, public affairs organizations such as water or electricity authorities have much to benefit from social media.




    - Online Reputation Management
    - Crisis Management
    - Sentiment Analysis
    - Key Influencers
    - Key messages

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    - Consumer Perceptions
    - Increase Sales
    - Captivating Content
    - Digital Advertising
    - Brand Loyalty
    - Targeted Campaigns
    - Brand Ambassadors
    - Lead Generation

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    Product Development teams can gain valuable insight, which can feed into your own product development cycle. The best way to gain customer loyalty is by providing your customers with the products they asked for.

    Imagine you had to survey 200,000 consumers across 10 countries to better understand their preferences about your product or service. How much would that cost and how much time would it take? Now through social media analysis you can gain the same insight in a matter of weeks or even days at a fraction of the cost.

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    Generating qualified sales leads and in near real time

    Imagine if you could listen in on millions of conversations related to your product or service – then target those users with your offerings at the right time and at the right place. Users are talking about their product and service preferences on a daily basis across social media platforms, they're also asking others for recommendations day in and day out. Read more

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    - Employee Retention
    - Employee Recognition
    - Honest feedback
    - Recruitment

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  • CSR


    - Customer Satisfaction
    - Tutorials
    - Customer Loyalty
    - Knowledge Base
    - 24/7 response

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